Two men…One city. So much speculation on what happened. One thing is for certain if you know Keelon Lawson he is a good man, a loving father, & a great coach. Tubby has been in Memphis almost a year. So much legacy with Tubby but he came into a situation that he had no idea about. Memphis is a Basketball city. We want to be champions we want to be on ESPN. We want top recruits it’s a University that is hungry for success.

Despite thoughts to the contrary, Keelon has so much respect for Tubby and these are his words. One thing I learned about basketball from him is that the fundamentals of basketball are that it’s the Philosophy that changes with personality. There was never any clashes between these two men. Misunderstanding maybe but if you are under contract and have a certain amount of days wouldn’t you want to know your role?? April 30, 2017 Keelon is a free man. Why not make arrangements to speak with one of your staff members? Tubby is the head coach and by all means can run his own show.

Two of your best players father is the man you giving the run around. Lawson’s did what they did as a family and that’s stick together. To say this was about money is absurd. They love Memphis and the city. It’s about love as a family and respect. If you can’t understand that it’s not for you to understand because you are not the family.

So many opportunities on the Table for coach Keelon Lawson. Coach local basketball where he is known as a legend. Possibly coach at a university and get a real opportunity or Prep school. Same for KJ and Dedric universities ready to sign them.

Tubby officially has the keys to the program & it will be interesting to see which way the University goes. Up or down right now it’s down. Saul Smith, Pooh Williamson, Joe Esposito got work to do. There are no hard feelings from these two men. It was a business decision that had to be made.

We can speculate and assume but right now the name of the game is stay tuned.


Leon Taylor KJ DEDRIC

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