Their has been so much talk about Tubby and his recruiting or lack thereof depending on who you talk to. So I decided to do some digging & try find out is Tubby really reaching out to kids in the city?? I talked with one local coach, Terrance Scales from Cordova, who has two potential Top 100 prospects in Tyler Harris and Rod Brown. He stated Tubby has been doing exactly what he is supposed to do as a coach to his players.

Tubby has offered Full Scholarship offers and they are aware that they are needed. I wish people will let the man do his job.

I also talked with Top 100 point guard prospect Alex Lomax who told me “Tubby is a down to earth person and makes me feel wanted”.

Coach Smith also made a offer to East High School 6’8 Class of 2019 forward Malcolm Dandridge before anyone else. When the University of Memphis offered him many asked why him. After a stellar season he showed flashes of a post presence, something the Tigers are lacking currently.

If you are a fan of the program I am here to tell you. We are in good hands. So much negative talk about the JUCO prospects when future AAC conference member Wichita State University was built on JUCO players that had something to prove.

Losing the Lawson family is a huge blow to the program. But it does not mean it’s the end of the world. So much respect goes to Keelon Lawson on a outstanding interview. No harsh words for Tubby or University of Memphis. He used some words that I hope the people will understand is…..

“Give The Man A Chance…”

Leon Taylor

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