There has been a lot of things in the news lately. If you have not heard, the MEDIA in some markets seem to think that they are the only voice in the City. Just because they cannot have control over certain people speaking directly of the Head Basketball Coach at The University of Memphis Tubby Smith. They have been waiting also for an opportunity to jump in and blast Coach Smith.  Now theytubbbbbb were trying to use the situation that was going on at Memphis that all of the players were leaving. All of a sudden Tubby Smith is all of a sudden not qualified. Tubby Smith a Hall of Fame Coach. Tubby Smith developer of other teams and making great players out of starters. Tubby Smith that has taken teams to the sweet 16 several times. Tubby Smith who has won a National Champion. Shall I continue? Ok I will, Tubby Smith Coach of The Year. Tubby Smith one of the Coaches that many young men would love to have him as their coach. Tubby Smith A Proud Black Man Who Knows His Purpose and Who He Is. All of a sudden has become according to some people in the MEDIA a destroyer of Basketball Programs. What kind of Fool do you think we are? We are to take every hook and bait you throw at us?

Tubby Smith is bringing to Memphis some great players for his program and to build it the way he wants. We can expect some exciting Basketball in the future at the University of Memphis. So Memphis and all of the Tiger Fans buckle down for greatness and lets support our Tiger Basketball Program.

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