By: Quenton “The Beast” Bailey

For years the NFL has been about the front of the jersey and the NBA about the back of the jersey. Meaning it is a star driven league. NFL fans are loyal to their teams, whoever wearing their jersey they root for. In the NBA fans follow players to wherever they go. Now in the NBA, it is less physical than the era I grew up in. Now flopping has transitioned from the European style of play. Now big men shoot perimeter shots and the guards get to the rim.  Back in the day you had 5 positions, Point guard 1, Shooting guard 2, Small forward 3, Power forward 4, and Center 5. Today’s association has 3 positions, Point, Wing, Big Man. Today’s Stars are hooking up on teams to compete for titles. My dad used to tell me he did not watch anymore til the playoffs. Now I understand why. We have been waiting for Warriors vs Cavs III, and now it is upon us. I have a few rules that could help make the NBA a better product in the regular season and the playoffs.

rest Rule 1: How to Solve the “Resting Stars” issue
 The NBA is now on a trend of resting players without injury. Managing their stars and veterans minutes for the long haul. When Cleveland came to Memphis they sat Lebron, Love and Kyrie. So the Memphis fans do not get to see them this year. So I propose this. On back to backs, either side of a back to back, you may sit a guy if he has played 10 years or 900 games. If not then make a 4 day rest list. On this 4 day the player can not practice or play over the 4 day span, and 1 player can not hit that list more than 3 times per season. To avoid fake injury list being done, have a neutral league doctor diagnose if legitimate injury.
warriorsfeat Rule 2: Veto Board
 With the trend of players teaming up with their superstar buddies, create a veto board. If a team has over 50 wins, if they try sign a max player without losing one, or try signing a player that has been an All-Star either of the 2 previous seasons. The veto board puts it to a vote. It is not to screw anyone. It is what makes for the best product on the court. Maybe even creating more parody.
Rule 3: Fix the NBA Lottery
  The lottery system is not horrible, but it is flawed. Right now the team with most losses gets the most lottery balls which gives them best chance at the number 1 overall pick. Look at teams like the Kings and Timberwolves, since Webber left the Kings and Kevin Garnett left Minnesota to chase a ring in Boston, neither team has been good, even with constantly being in the lottery. So I propose this, the teams with the most wins that doesn’t make the playoffs gets the most balls in the lottery. They get a better player and can take the next step into the playoffs. This would keep teams playing to the end & prevent teams from tanking for the number 1 pick .
Rule 4: Speed up Reviews on Questionable Calls
  The checking the monitor to get calls right slows the pace of the game down. I like getting the call right ultimately. But every flagrant foul or questionable flagrant is now looked at. So slow , every questionable play in last 2 minutes, now being checked out. While I love getting the call right, this just hurts the game. Maybe the easiest fix is this one. I propose having an official in a booth, if for some reason he can not declare, then have the head official look at it. Easy fix.
These have been 4 rules I think that could make the NBA a better product, even during the marathon that is the regular season. Now your superstars are spread out, and let the team that drafts a player have chance to keep their stars for cheaper against the cap. “I LOVE THIS GAME” was the popular motto of the NBA in the 90’s. I want to love this game again, help me to love the NBA again. Please…

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