I was hoping to wait until next week to write a column about how fans became Memphis fans- and why they’ve stuck with it through all the lean years.

One absence from practice (cue Allen Iverson) changed all of those plans.

David Moore is no longer with the Memphis football program.  Simple enough, right?

Coach Norvell earlier today: “David Moore is no longer a part of the program,” Norvell said. “He has elected to explore options and decided to transfer. He feels that it’s in his best interest, and I support him.”

He continued, “Obviously there are a lot of people in these young men’s ear and telling them what they should and what the right path should be,” Norvell said. “If I don’t agree with it I give them a release, wish them the best and then I’m pretty much done with it. He’s got a lot of people that have been in his ear for that situation.”

Well, that’s certainly interesting…but not what I would consider what the kids call “throwing shade”.

“I believe this quarterback room is the best it’s ever been and that’s from the top down,” Norvell said. “I feel like we will be in a better situation with our backups than we were a year ago…”

OK, that’s throwing shade.  For those that may have forgotten, David Moore was the backup and got to play in mop up duty last season.

Newly minted offensive coordinator made comments to the effect that Brady White would be an “offensive coordinator on the field” and that was likely another shot at the departing David Moore.

Moore has been quiet on his part, and that’s probably for the best.

No matter how it was handled, the Tigers are down to a quarterback that hasn’t played since 2016 because of a foot injury, and two quarterbacks that have yet to throw a pass in a college game.

My only real concern with this is that the scorched earth route that Norvell and his staff seem to be taking could be damaging to future recruits.  Athletic department leaders have had a history of saying things probably better left unsaid over the past few years, and this is no different.

By all accounts David Moore is a nice young man.  What Coach Norvell said is also likely true- that he probably has a lot of people around him telling him he should be starting.

None of that really matters at this point as the fact remains that Memphis has now lost what were widely considered at the time two prize quarterback recruits (Moore and Brady Davis who will be starting at Illinois State this season)

With the season opener against Mercer less than two weeks away, here’s hoping everyone can stay healthy and upright- and that today’s drama will be forgotten after the Tigers have another dominant season.

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