Former Memphis Tiger lottery Pick Dajuan Wagner has a son named Dj Wagner. Dj has become a marked man. He is The New #1 Player In The Class of 2023!! Instead of people asking about the #1 player in 2021. The questions are who is Dj Wagner? Is he as good as his Father? He will be a Sophomore and anything can happen from today and his senior year.

The thing about Dj he isn’t getting his respect based on his last name. It’s his game on the court that does the talking, he has been amazing at the right time. From ESPN giving 30pts to a Top10 ranked opponent, to showing playmaking at Team USA tryouts. Dj Wagner is a winner and you can expect to hear his name more often.

Dj Wagner.

He is a 6’3 combo guard he is a scorer but also great at defense. DJ’s Aunty Dajuan Wagners sister Shonda Wagner told me Dj studies film and takes defense serious. Dj just turned 15, he is 6’3 and wears a size 14 sneakers, but is expected to grow another 3 inches. Wagner averaged 18.5 points per game for Camden High, which won 29 of 30 games and was ranked the No. 18 team in the nation by one service. #staytuned

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