The Class of 2021 is a talented class of student athletes. There are over at least 18 Division I basketball prospects in the city of Memphis.

One in particular is a 6-foot 4 wiry shooting guard by the name of Jalen Brown. Jalen Brown is the #1 ranked shooting guard in the state of Tennessee by ESPN. He is a smooth guard with the ability to take players off the dribble and also be amazing from behind the arc. Jalen Brown’s college recruitment has been picking up lately. College basketball programs such as Louisiana Tech University, Tulsa University, Tennessee State, South East Missouri have all reached out to him and his family.

For Jalen Brown the journey started off at Memphis East High School, where he was a role player on a talented basketball team. Jalen’s role on East basketball team was to be a shooter, where he was a catch and shoot player. Memphis East high school basketball team was a highly ranked high school basketball power house at the time.

He was surrounded by great talented players such as Alex Lomax (University of Memphis), Tj Moss (University of South Carolina), Chandler Lawson (University of Oregon), Malcom Dandridge (University of Memphis).

After winning a state championship with those players mentioned. He soaked up so much knowledge during his time coming off the bench as a freshman. Jalen learned from those group of talented young men, on how to play as a team, and also learn to deal with the fame that comes with being a basketball player. Sometimes the hype you can receive can be amazing and also back fire. Your biggest fans can also turn into your biggest critics.

Jalen transferred to Trezevant High School for his sophomore year. He had to adjust from being a role player like he was at Memphis East High School. To now making plays for himself and others. Jalen had to learn how to be the player he once was as a middle school standout at Kingsbury Middle School. Jalen took on the role of being the Man. After having career high averages of 23pts and 10reb. Those numbers where outstanding.

To the point it made him a second team all city Best of the Preps by Commercial Appeal, and a National Top 100 prospect.

Jalen Brown put up major numbers that season but decided to transfer. The opportunity to play with his former middle school teammate was hard to pass up. Earlier in Jalen Brown’s career his former teammate was Johnathan Lawson at American Way Middle School. Both players have since then have developed into college prospects.

The #46 ESPN ranked player in the class of 2021 Johnathan Lawson a nationally ranked small forward. This past season Johnathan Lawson was recognized as The 2020 Gatorade Player of the year in the state of Tennessee. These two young men have actually been by each other side since their elementary playing days on the AAU circuit for the Memphis Wildcats. It was only right they teamed up for a high school championship again. They have won a championship as freshman at Memphis East high school. This time they would be the leaders and not the followers.

The year 2020 is a year we will all remember including Jalen Brown. The transition to adjust to a new team wasn’t as smooth as many expected. Jalen had to adjust to playing for his new team and teammates. At one point he once was the man, to now basically being like he was as a freshman. The Wooddale basketball team had established players that had roles on the team. Jalen had to figure out what was his role as a Wooddale Cardinal?

The moment Jalen Brown caught fire and understood his role. The world had halted at a complete stop in sports. Covid 19 was in effect during the Wooddale Basketball state championship run. Jalen Brown senior year is now approaching. Many prep schools where trying to lure Jalen from Wooddale recently. Jalen Brown said no, because he wants to finally enjoy a year where he can just be a kid again. Not only as a kid but the basketball player he is capable of being.

When you are a tall kid in Memphis, TN many label you to be a basketball player. In Jalen Brown’s case he is a talented basketball player with a God given talent.

This upcoming season is Jalen Brown senior year. So he has something to prove to not only to critics, but also college coaches. The season will be a year to remember. He is ready to show why he deserves a basketball scholarship. He is also ready to show why he is the #1 shooting guard in the state of Tennessee.

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