In recent times, an increasing number of black athletes have chosen to use their social media platforms to fight against historical symbols of oppression against black people and systematic racism.

The latest to do so is Mississippi State University star running back Kylin Hill, who is arguably the top at his position in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). He has taken to his twitter account and has directly issued an ultimatum to the Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves regarding the use of the Confederate symbol on the state flag better known to many as the stars and bars.

Hill says if the flag is not changed, he will not continue playing football for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Hill led the SEC in regular-season rushing last year with 1,350 yards to go with 10 touchdowns.

Kylin Hill was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi and knows all too well what that confederate symbol stands for. Mississippi’s state flag is the only one in the United States that still features the Confederate battle flag, which has strong ties to both white supremacy and racism.

The National Collegiate Athletic Associative (NCAA), Conference USA, and the SEC all have issued statements refusing to hold championship events in Mississippi unless the flag is changed. Nonetheless, Hill is the first athlete in Mississippi to publicly state to say he will not play as long as the current flag stands.

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