Black History

The First NBA Female Video Coordinator

Central High School has produced some amazing basketball talent over the years. One in particular who stands out in the history books is Trish McGhee. The Point Guard legend was a 5-foot-6 jet with range. She would electrify the crowd with her outstanding shooting. Trish signed with The University of Minnesota coming out of the class of 99.

Trish was on her way to bigger and better things enjoying the game she has always loved. Knee injuries slowed down her succes. Despite having injuries, Trish never gave up on her career. Trish Mcghee retained the ultimate prize of playing college basketball. Getting a college degree is a blessing and she did that on the biggest stage of college basketball.

When her playing days where over, Trish passion for the game was never over. She took on the opportunity of coming back home, and getting a job with the Memphis Grizzlies organization. Her job was in sales, that later gave her a promotion to video coordinator.

Trish McGhee is a perfect of example of using your platform to expand your career beyond playing basketball.

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