Yesterday The University of Memphis head coach Melissa McFerrin retired. It was a happy day on Valentine’s Day for my good friend Phinehas Johnson who would have had plenty of jokes, like a roast for Melissa. It was honestly time for a change. A change that was needed for fans who want to see a winning program on all levels. There is talent on the roster. The local talent is here in the city and surrounding parts Nashville, Mississippi, Arkansas.

There are so many names already being mentioned to replace a position that could actually change the culture of women’s basketball in Memphis. Could we actually have a near sellout crowd at the new improved Fieldhouse? It’s a opportunity for a coach to really impact the youth and city. To my good friend in heaven you got your wish. Best thing about it. It was a professional breakup. If that makes sense, in today’s game of sports.

Let the coaching carousel begin!! You have local favorites in Ashley Shields, Rodney Newsom. Two coaches who are well respected in doing what they love. There is also Assistant Jessica Bogia who had a big part in recruiting key pieces to the program. Her relationship with the players is respected, but also her grind to stay on top of recruitment.

Dana Pokey Chatman is your big name hire who would add experience on all levels. She has also been a WNBA General Manager. When it’s said and done she will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. This will be a interesting search as a new day is coming in Tiger Sports.

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