Overnight Express: How the Fall of the AAF Devastated So Many in Memphis

For every beginning there is an end. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. In this case the end came in a swift and loud manner. On April 2, 2019 owner and league chairman Tom Dondun ceased operations on the league just 8 weeks into the inaugural season. This left hundreds of people suddenly without a job, many stranded in cities […]

The Grizzlies are Good…Really Good

The season is approaching the 1/4 mark and the results really could not be better. Anyone who says they expected this is either crazy, lying or both. After 17 games the Memphis Grizzlies are 12-5, with two road wins over the Jazz, a win over the Nuggets, 76ers, and wins at the Bucks and Minnesota. After that opening night disaster […]

The Gasol Cunundrum

He has roots in the Bluff City.  In some ways, he’s a Memphian.  Adopted, maybe, and not the prototypical kid who finds NBA stardom from the seedier sides of the city, but still one of us.  He has been here, fought here, bled here…even when he didn’t have to.  He could’ve left before signing either of his contract extensions.