The Process, The System, and The Adjustment

October is always a fun time in sports. The football season is well underway, and basketball is right around the corner. For me, I love this time of year because I get to hear press conferences and Q&A’s from three of my favorite coaches. As an entrepreneur, I can appreciate the focus and leadership they impart on their teams. Also, […]

Pony Up

When people consider investing in a business, there is one key indicator that they are looking for that helps make the decision — market value. They want to see if you are viable in your industry in the way of production and they want to see if there is room to continue pace or even grow. So when it comes to Dak […]

Fleeting Power

Famed columnist Mitch Albom tells the story of walking around Ann Arbor with Chris Webber trying to get a story. I guess Webber had not eaten and was hungry, so he asked Albom for some money for food. Albom explained to him that it would be against NCAA rules to do that, so they kept walking. As they continued, Webber […]