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Memphis Tigers Football:1st Quarter of the season Report and Brady White

September 19, 2018

1st Quarter Report and Other Musings The Tigers finished the 1st quarter of the season with a not-so-unexpected record of 2-1. The Navy loss was a tough pill to swallow for a Tigers team that 21-9 in the 4th quarter despite a very poor showing by most parts of the offense. Quarter number 2 starts… Read More ›

Introduction to major Memphis Lady Tigers basketball commitment Madison Griggs

If you’re not familiar with Madison Griggs, and you are a Memphis basketball fan, you will know her name very soon. The Houston High standout is 3-star rated prospect by ESPN.

TBL Network’s Evan Devould talks with Bartlett High School’s head coach Dion Real

by Evan Devould The Bartlett Panthers boys’ basketball team has become the trendy pick to come out of the AAA division. They are anticipated to represent the City of Memphis in the upcoming state tournament hosted in Murfreesboro, TN. The Panthers are returning all five starters from last season. They are returning a 20+ win… Read More ›

“As the Pigskin Turns….” A Memphis Tigers QB Drama Story

I was hoping to wait until next week to write a column about how fans became Memphis fans- and why they’ve stuck with it through all the lean years. One absence from practice (cue Allen Iverson) changed all of those plans. David Moore is no longer with the Memphis football program.  Simple enough, right? Coach… Read More ›

The Weekend That Was- PPV Grades, Part 1: TakeOver Brooklyn 4

Last week in this space, we went over the matches one by one and I gave my fearless predictions of who would win and why. I didn’t do so well.,..I mean I guess 3-2 isn’t that bad. NXT especially did a great job of driving the suspense bus down the highway and had several finishes… Read More ›

The Gasol Cunundrum

He has roots in the Bluff City.  In some ways, he’s a Memphian.  Adopted, maybe, and not the prototypical kid who finds NBA stardom from the seedier sides of the city, but still one of us.  He has been here, fought here, bled here…even when he didn’t have to.  He could’ve left before signing either of his contract extensions. 

Memphis Tigers Football 2018 Season Outlook- Most and Least

As we approach the start of the Tigers football 2018 campaign, here’s what I’m most excited, most worried, and most intrigued about. Also what I am least excited, least worried, and least intrigued about.

Lorenzen Wright – A Legacy Restored

The restoration of the legacy of Lorenzen Wright needs to begin right now. 

Is it “Playoffs Or Bust” for the 2018-19 Memphis Grizzlies ? Written by @CubsTigersGrizz @TBLNetwork901

Mr. Pera made his expectations clear in a mid-June interview

Grit and Grind – The Culture of a City

February 8, 2011 is often thought of as the day Grit and Grind was born.  To many a game, that occurred in the middle of the dog days of the NBA Season, ended up altering the entire course of not just an NBA franchise but city as a whole.  The game is simply now known as the “Tony Allen Game”.