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The Rule That Was Already Broken

Imagine you are 18 years old again. For many that brings very joyful thoughts from times of no bills, no kids, no real job, no mortgage to pay, and the […]

WWE Has Lost My Smile

These two statements really occurred within 12 hours of one another: From the Saudi Arabia Attorney General: “The public prosecution received information from the Turkish side through the Joint Working […]

Roman Reigns….Joseph Anoa’i

I was at dinner Monday night and purposely left my phone at home.  These Monday night gatherings are becoming somewhat of a tradition for my wife and I- and I’m […]

WWE And The Crown Jewel Problem

On November 2nd, WWE is set to have the second show in their reported 10 year 1 billion dollar contract with Saudi Arabia as part of their Vision 2030 propaganda […]

TalkBackLive in the Morning FULL PODCAST 9-4-18

We discussed many topics including: Kaepernick & Nike make a big statement, Memphis Tigers Football impresses in home opener, Rev. Jasper Williams controversial Aretha Franklin eulogy & MORE! Also our […]